We as a whole love a decent pair of denim. There is no question that it is an essential piece in everybody’s wardrobe for a chic street-style look. From skinny jeans to jeggings to flared jeans, baggy jeans are back on a high track recently. They started popping up on each road-style photographer-covered corner in New York, London, Milan, and Paris and presently they have become the most popular pants among all celebrities and influencers.

Baggy jeans are comfortable, yet they are surprisingly chic when paired with the right accouterments. However, remember that baggy pants may not be appropriate in certain settings assuming you have difficulty styling them well. Be careful about formal occasions you are attending.

What are baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans are a vintage-inspired, wide-leg silhouette with a bit more volume in the legs than straight-leg jeans. It is a style that was extremely popular in the ’90s. These jeans embrace the waistline and loosely taper down the leg for a sophisticated cool look. Whether you go with something wide-leg and ’90s-inspired, or pick a straighter, elongated silhouette, these jeans will rock on almost every outfit.

However, it is key to balance your overall silhouette. It is important to create a shape with your whole outfit. You can wear a belt to balance the bagginess on the bottom on the off chance that you wear loose layers on top unless you go with a larger-than-usual look. Then, get some level by pairing your baggy jeans with low-level heels to keep ultra-laid-back denim from seeing too lax.

Check out more outfit ideas below to find out the kinds of outfits you can create with baggy pants from work looks to casual ensembles to end-of-the-week travel outfits!

Style it with a cardigan

Rock your baggy jeans with a cute crop cardigan to add a sensual touch and offset the masculine energy of the baggy jeans. You can keep a portion of the buttons unfastened, making the daytime look appropriate for an evening affair. Cropped and waist-length woolen tops look especially great with skyscraper jeans and accentuate your waistline and curves in a flattering way, so make sure you give them a shot!

Style it with a blazer

The blazer fits well with almost every pair of jeans. It can be your lifesaver when you want to transform a low-effort outfit into something that is polished and classy. The same holds genuine when you add a tailored menswear jacket with baggy jeans. It will instantly pull the look together, adding a refined touch to an otherwise casual look. Remember to style them with a pair of neutral-tone heels to give the final touch to the look.

Style with a tucked-in top

Could do without wearing cropped style tops? Attempt to tuck in your clothes at the waist. The tucked-in, all-around waistband look is another key to the high-waist, baggy jean style and contrasts with the larger-than-average tee shirt or sweater look. Remember that you should not tuck in clothes that are bulky and chunky. A statement belt will flatter your figure and level up your whole look.

Style with a graphic tee

The graphic tee pattern is back. Matching your jeans with a larger-than-usual or cropped graphic tee will create a more lively, 2000s energy and stylish look. You can add a few feminine accessories such as hair clips and huggie bands to look less boyish. These will also give you a fashion-forward vibe and complete your look effortlessly.

With a trench coat and chunky boots

One of the most incredible ways to switch up how an outfit feels is by mixing silhouettes to create new, various shapes on your body. Here, a long coat with baggy jeans makes for an overall larger-than-usual effect that’s perfect to go to while layering up for winter — especially with a pair of stylish, chunky boots.

With a teddy coat and sneakers

We won’t ever say no to a teddy coat, however, after a couple of years of having them in our rotation, we welcome better approaches to style our own with open arms. The answer? A black pair of baggy jeans, sneakers, and the year’s most sweltering tote.

Your favorite blazer

A blazer can feel unique depending on how you style it, and this is an example of how it can be made to feel cool rather than like workwear. Your blazer and baggy jeans will communicate everything here, so pair them with whichever basics you’re feeling for the day.

A white tee and leather jacket

Jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket are a predictable combo, yet that’s because it’s a combo that won’t ever fail you. With a crewneck white tee and whatever leather jacket you reach for, your baggy jeans will add a little more to the ensemble than a pair of skinnies or straight jeans would.

Despite collective society having a love-hate relationship with jeans — let’s tell the truth, they aren’t always the most comfortable thing we put on — they’re typical to such an extent that it merits talking about them. The most comfortable ones, the ones you’ll have forever, the ones that are the most “in” that year — of all the pieces in your closet, jeans merit the effort of figuring out.

There are not many pieces that you could bet the vast majority have in their wardrobe. A pair of leggings, a decent white tee, a sweatshirt you wouldn’t mind living in — you can probably bet that a great many people you know have them and rely on them. And at the top of that list? A decent pair of jeans.


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