The Iconic Skirts Types Everyone Should Know

The Iconic Skirts Types Everyone Should Know

The Iconic Skirts Types Everyone Should Know

Regarding styles of skirts, there are many eternal essentials like pants. Learn about the various styles, in addition to which ones turn out best for various body shapes.

Classic Skirt Styles

There’s a reason skirts are a wardrobe staple: a skirt from a decade ago can look similarly fashionable today. You can make any skirt feel current by pairing it with an in-vogue top or classic by wearing it with a traditional shirt. Skirts are the ideal wardrobe things to have some fun with.

A-Line Skirt

A-line skirt is exactly what it seems like: a style that’s shaped like the letter “A.” Fitted at the waist, this kind of skirt flares out at the base and usually hits right above or at the knee.

Asymmetrical Skirt

If you’re looking for a tomfoolery wind on a skirt, consider an asymmetrical skirt, which has hemlines of varying lengths. It could be cut on a bias across the body with one side lower than the other. Another interpretation is a short front stitch and a longer back.


Bubble Skirt

Feeling courageous? The attention-getting bubble skirt has been popular since the 1950s for its puffy outline, thanks to the fabric that tucks under the trim. It’s turned into a popular feature of prom dresses, yet there are also casual air-pocket skirts that are ideally suited for an everyday trip.

Circular Skirt

Also known as a skater skirt for abbreviated forms and a swing skirt when it falls past the knee, a circular skirt features a sew that creates an ideal circle. Thanks to a fitted waistline and flared outline, this style makes for easy development and is often utilized for tennis skirts.

Cowl Skirt

This sort of skirt adds totality right under the waist, creating a look that is voluminous toward the front.

Draped Skirt

A draped skirt features completion in the fabric or gathering on one side to create a pleasant sarong-like look.

High-Waist Skirt

This skyscraper sort of skirt is fitted around your natural waist, accentuating that part of your body. A classic style can be tracked down in any sort of skirt, from A-line to pencil.


Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt is long with a trim that hits around the ankle or lower.

Mermaid Skirt

This sort of skirt showcases a long, flared tail, similar to that of a mermaid.


Thanks to creator Mary Quant, the miniskirt was one of the characterizing styles of the 1960s. Its name alludes to high hemline hits above the knee. There are various types of miniskirts, including high-waisted miniskirts and miniature miniskirts which hit around the center of the thigh or higher.


Pencil Skirt

With a straight cut that narrows at the knees, a pencil skirt is known for its professional style and has been embraced by many people for its sophisticated look in business settings.

Pleated Skirt

At the point when you hear “pleated skirt” you could imagine kilts or school regalia. There are many types of pleated skirts — incorporating those with wide pleats and narrow pleats. Pleated skirts arrive in a variety of lengths as well.


Layered Skirt

For a pleasant bohemian look, a layered skirt is a great choice. In this sort of skirt, unsettled, gathered levels of fabric are attached to the skirt’s fix. The outcome is a casual, flowy look.

Trumpet Skirt

Fitted from the waist to the highest point of the trim, a trumpet skirt flares out at the base, creating a striking outline.

Tulip Skirt

Thanks to its overlapping panels and irregular trim, this kind of skirt are more extensive in the center than at the sew or the waist. The subsequent look impersonates the shape of an upset tulip.

Wrap Skirt

Even though its idea is simple — a one-piece skirt that wraps around the body and is fastened with ties or a button — this skirt style looks clean and sophisticated. Besides, this skirt flatters each body type.


Tiered Skirt

Also known as a hip-hugger skirt, this style comprises two panels — a burden that fits around the hips, and the skirt beneath. The actual burden can be an asymmetrical, straight, or triangle shape.

Best Skirts for Each Body Type

With so many skirt types available, you may have a hard time figuring out which ones look best on your figure. Regardless of your body type, there are many sorts of skirts that will function admirably.

Assuming you’re unimposing size (5’4″ or more limited), look for a skirt that doesn’t overpower your small figure. A few ideal decisions are:

Tall and Lean for skirts

If you have a long, lean body, take advantage of your level by picking skirts, for example,


Hourglass Shaped

If your hips and bust are nearly equal in size, while your waist is narrower, you have an hourglass figure. Emphasize your smaller waist with these skirts:

Pear Shaped

On the off chance that you have wide hips and narrow shoulders and want to create a balance between your bust, waist, and hips, attempt a portion of these skirt styles:

Skirts for thin body type

Explore different avenues regarding a range of skirts that can either emphasize your smooth figure or add a few bends. Attempt:

Apple Shaped

An apple-shaped figure is characterized by a round center and narrow shoulders and hips. Those with this figure can create a more characterized waistline with one of these types of skirts:

• High-waisted skirts

• Layered skirts

• Pleated skirts

• Wrap skirts

Vast choices for skirts.

With such countless styles to browse, there are a lot of skirt choices to suit everyone. Regardless of what your taste or body style – or the kind of occasion you are dressing for – there’s a skirt that will address your issues.

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